Automation & Fuel Management Solutions

We are a leading provider of solutions and services for fuel suppliers and commercial fleets, providing automation, C-store, RFID vehicle identification, and fuel and fleet management systems. our solutions are designed to help customers improve their margins by increasing sales, strengthening their customers’ loyalty while reducing their operational expenses and fuel losses. We offer below ground and above ground solutions to help you determine exactly how much fuel you have and where it is going. From complete fuel inventory and accountability to total reconciliation and protection against fuel theft, we keep you and your assets covered.

Terminal Automation Systems

Terminal Automation System is a PC software for terminal automation.

Main features include:

# Smart fill

# Terminal automation system

# real-time control of every loading/unloading position.

# loading/unloading order management.

# drivers and truck identification via pin or badge card

remote I/O automation (terminal access gate, loading bay alarms, traffic lights, etc.

# deliveries databases.

# customizable loading report printout.

# statistic reports and transactions data.

# client/host interface for multi-station support.

# multi-user support




Smart Fill


Our three design principals keeps fuel flowing and ensures that every drop is recorded to make accounting and fuel management easy. The original fleet of SmartFill fuel management products from over 10 years ago are still in the field, working day-in and day-out. Known to outlast the bowers they were originally attached to, our units have survived floods, fires and even being accidentally run over by heavy equipment.

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