Engine Driven Pumps

Hassann Al Manaei Trading L.L.C have the best engine driven pumps in the industry. We carries an extensive line of rotary vane, helical gear, positive displacement sliding vane regenerative turbine, multi-stage side channel and diaphragm engine driven pumps available in cast iron, stainless steel and other materials. These high capacity engine driven pumps feature a robust design and are durable, explosion proof and suitable for pumping products in the toughest of environments.

Yanmar Pumps


To achieve the highest performing miniaturized and light weight diesel engines, Yanmar developed the L-N series single cylinder, air-single cylinder technologies.Designed with Yanmar’s proprietary direct injection technology, maximum combustion efficiency is realized through the ideal match between the combustion chamber and injection system. this means that a powerful, but environmentally friendly engine.

Robin Koshin Pumps


Highly effective mechanical seal made with special carbon ceramics provides extra durability. Entire unit is protected by sturdy rollover pipe frame. Strong and lightweight die-cast aluminum pump.

Gorman rupp spark shield


Gorman-Rupp Shield-A-Spark self-priming centrifugal pumps are the safest approach to handling flammable liquids with an engine driven pump. Pump volute and intermediate are constructed of lightweight aluminum. Steel wear plates are replaceable. Mechanical shaft seals have carbon and Ni-resist wearing surfaces. Elastomers are Viton®. Gasoline engine unit features dependable, rugged military or aircraft type spark plug which is radio suppressed and prevents spark gap jumping. Shielded ignition wire provides enclosed path for high tension spark. Sealed toggle ignition switch is safe, spark free. Spark-arresting muffler is designed to retard both spark and flame.

KSB Pumbs


More than 50 years of experience in the development of pumps and valves for nuclear power stations have made KSB one of the market leaders. KSB pumps ensure safe primary and secondary circuits. About 5,000 pumps and 150,000 valves from KSB are used in around 200 nuclear power plants all over the world. All primary and secondary circuits as well as the auxiliary systems can be equipped with KSB products.

3P Prinz


Each component of the pumps 3P Prinz can be realized in the best materials available on the market, depending on the chemical and physical characteristics of the fluids to be treated.

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