Cabinet Dispensers

Hassann Al Manaei Trading L.L.C offers a comprehensive range of Fill-Rite cabinet dispensers. We make custom build any kind of fueling dispenser or fuel pump skid in compliance with the most stringent regulatory specifications. Tell us what you want and we’ll design and build it for you. Hassann Al Manaei Trading L.L.C has built custom equipment for many special applications, including high flow, high pressure, jet fuel, corrosives, and LP Gas. Our equipment is built to last in the most severe environments. Click on any product below which you need to learn more.

Fill-Rite Cabinet & Pump Dispensers


Fill Rite’s full line Meter and Pump Cabinets are for use with above ground storage tanks, provide accuracy, reliability in a neat, compact variety of packages to suit your fueling needs. While these pumps are designed for above ground tank systems, they can also be used with underground tanks. These systems are self priming for gasoline, kerosene, and diesel fuel, internal bypass valves, built in strainer, carbon/ceramic seals. With a powder coat finish these Cabinet Pumps are designed for superior corrosion protection.



Heavy Duty Dispensers for Marina & Aviation


We offer high quality dispensers for the refueling of military vehicles, helicopters, aircraft, over and under-wing, boats, mega yachts, large ships, tug boats, public transportation vehicles, etc. Our custom builds a wide range of refueling dispensers from 200 to 700 liters per minute. Our dispensers are built with Liquid Controls flow-meters and Corken pumps contained inside a strong stainless or treated steel cabinet with a wide range of accessories such as hose reels, filter-water separator, extra by-pass for double flow-rates, mechanical and electronic read out, pulsar, etc.


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